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  Head of programme: Univ.-Prof. Lars Seniuk MMus

  Vice head of programme: Harald Putz (interim.)

Major Subjects

The Konservatorium Wien, as it was then, was one of the first music schools in Europe to set up a jazz department back in 1968.

The focus of the degree is on soloist studies and training in artistic and communicative skills for ensemble performances, to which special emphasis is given.
As well as instrumental studies and jazz vocal studies, the range of courses also includes a course for jazz composition & arrangement. A wide range of complementary practical and theoretical courses is complemented by masterclasses and workshops by internationally renowned guest lecturers. At the muk.jazz.afternoons taking place at the Jazz & Music Club Porgy & Bess and the muk.jazz.festival at the end of the academic year, students have the chance to gain performance experience in a professional environment, therefore preparing specifically for the requirements of professional life. These are complemented by regular performances of ensembles at the muk.jazz.sessions at the Jazzcafé ZWE.

The study programme “Jazz” has two big bands, the muk.wien.stageband under the management of Johannes Herrlich and the muk.wien.jazzorchestra, which participates annually in a project with a leading personality from the international big band scene and also records a live CD of this project. To expand on artistic ensemble performance practice, there are also regular recording sessions in a professional sound studio.

The course of studies “Jazz” views its heritage as being in open modern straight-ahead jazz, but also supports its students in a variety of stylistics wherever possible.

The variety of courses and their close relationships allow students to benefit from extensive professional training, which meets the challenges of contemporary, creative art and cultural education.
The various jazz degrees and fields of study aim at providing students with an comprehensive tool set for classic and modern playing.

Contact information

Univ.-Prof. Lars Seniuk MMus
Bräunerstraße 5, 1010 Vienna | 3. Stock | Raum 3.28

Tel.: +43 1 512 77 47-450
Mobil: +43 664 606 47 450
Email: l.seniuk@muk.ac.at

Info on the study programme

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How does Jazz at MUK sound like? Listen to the last 10 professionally produced CDs of our study programme and let yourself be convinced.

Latest events

Mon22.06.202019:00 Uhr
Porgy & Bess

ABGESAGT: MUK.jazz.festival: MUK.jazz.night I

Tue23.06.202019:00 Uhr
Porgy & Bess

ABGESAGT: MUK.jazz.festival: MUK.jazz.night II

Wed24.06.202019:00 Uhr
Porgy & Bess

ABGESAGT: MUK.jazz.festival: MUK.jazz.night III

Thu25.06.202019:00 Uhr
Porgy & Bess

ABGESAGT: MUK.jazz.festival: MUK.jazz.night IV

Sat27.06.202019:00 Uhr
Porgy & Bess

ABGESAGT: MUK.jazz.festival: MUK.bigband.night

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Jazz at the MUK

muk.wien.jazzorchestra plays "Interloper" by Thad Jones


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