"Organare cantum vel sonare" - Masterclass Guillermo Pérez - Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien

"Organare cantum vel sonare" - Masterclass Guillermo Pérez

Fr 27.04.200700:00 - Sa 28.04.2007 00:00

The 14th and 15th centuries medieval instrumental practise
Teacher: Guillermo Pérez

This masterclass–which will be held in English–is initially intended to give fundamentals and techniques to the musicians wishing study the main medieval instrumental repertoires from the 14th and 15th centuries. Recorder, fiddle, lute, harp players … will be welcome together with keyboard players to perform solo and ensemble music from the Robertsbridge, London, Faenza, Buxheimer and Lochamer codex, among others, including special attention to the general Italian trecento repertoire (singers are invited to participate punctually in order to explore relations between voices and instruments). Estampies, diminutions, preludes and song’s tablatures will be the base for the search of a specific language of each instrument, giving essentials on analysis, counterpoint and tuning, as well as practicing interaction in ensemble music. During the stage, presentation, initiation and proficiency courses about the organetto will be given too: history, repertoire, technique and playing modes.

Dates and planning:

Friday, 27 April 2007
Seminarraum Singerstraße 26, 2nd floor:

Konzertsaal Singerstraße 26, 2nd floor
(instead of Erkersaal, Johannesgasse 4a):
19 Concert-presentation: Guillermo Pérez, organetto

Saturday, 28 April 2007
Seminarraum Singerstraße 26, 2nd floor:

Guillermo Pérez
Born in Barcelona in 1980, Guillermo Pérez is enjoying an extraordinary career in the world of medieval keyboard instruments. Currently acclaimed as one of the few exceptionally gifted professional organettists, his study of different 14th and 15th century instrumental repertoires goes hand in hand with his leading role at the heart of Tasto Solo’s ensemble brilliant activity–recent winner of the prestigious IYAP-Early Music 2006 competition at Antwerp’s Laus Polyphoniae Festival. He is regularly featuring in the most outstanding international ensembles working in medieval music: Mala Punica, Micrologus, Ensemble Unicorn, Canto Coronato and SuperLibrum, among others, as well as he’s a regular participant too in the activities of the well-known French vocal group Musica Nova and the ensemble De Pulchrae, with whom he won honours in the 2003 Paris international FNAPEC competition.
A graduate in recorder and piano in Spain, Guillermo Pérez first became interested in late-medieval repertoires when he was furthering his studies in Italy and France, principally under the direction of Pedro Memelsdorff. After perfecting his skills in Milan’s Civica Scuola di Musica and the Toulouse Conservatoire National de Région, he undertook an enormous autodidactic work in the practice of portative organ which led to his developing a complete technical study of the organetto, the playing of its repertoire, its different modes of expression and construction. His teaching activities have increased over recent years with courses, master classes and speeches, as well as diverse organological recovery projects. He regularly works with the Centre Itinérant de Recherche sur les Musiques Anciennes (CIRMA), directed by Marcel Pérès and, as musical director of the Companyia Baixadansar, he develops research and creation projects centred on 15th century music and dance.

Fr27.04.200700:00 - Sa 28.04.2007 00:00
Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität, Verschiedene Säle Johannesgasse 4a 1010 Wien
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