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Meisterklasse Komposition mit Dimitris Andrikopoulos

Do 23.05.201912:00 - 15:00

Dimitris Andrikopoulos was born in Larisa (Greece) in 1971. His music career started with the study of Viola and Music Theory for which he was awarded in 1989 the Diploma of Harmony and the Diploma of Wind-Band Orchestration. His music studies in Greece concluded in Athens in 1992 with the award of the Diploma of Viola and the Diploma of Counterpoint.
His music studies as a Viola Player were continued in Holland and particularly at the Utrecht Music Academy under the supervision of Ron Ephrat. In 1996 he was awarded the Teaching Diploma from the Utrecht Music Academy institution while in 1998 the Solo-Diploma from the Maastricht Music Academy under the supervision of H.Guittard.
As a Viola player he continued his post-graduate studies with specialization in the 20th Century Chamber Music. These studies were concluded on 2000.
He took part on many Viola as well as Chamber Music Master classes with professors like L.David, A. Reshnikovsky, V. Liberman, N. Imai, Ch. A. Linale, K. Hashimoto and others.
In parallel with his Viola studies, he also started his Composition studies at the Rotterdam's Academy of Music and Dance with K. de Vries. His composition studies were concluded in 2001 with the award of the Diploma of Composition.
One of his main composition interests is the interaction of different disciplines in music and mainly the combination of the acoustic and electronic world.
He worked with various groups like Walpurgis, Dance Studio Arabesque, Dance Collective DC2High, Ensemble Emanon, Duo Beimer and van Ham, National Orchestra of Athens, Colors Contemporary Music Group, !Ynx Ensemble, Duo Palmos, Mondriaan Quartet, Duo Pallas&Pallas, Drumming Percussion Group, Jazz Orchestra of Matosinhos, Asko Ensemble among others.
In May 2002 he won the NOG Price for Young Composers 2002, with the composition of Antiparathesis for Violin and Orchestra. Antiparathesis was performed by the Nederland's Ballet Orkest conducted by Peter Rundel.
In June 2004 he completed his post-graduate studies on electronic music composition in Rotterdam with R. Uijlenhoet while winning at the same time the Composition Price of the Rotterdam's Academy of Music and Dance.
He was selected as Active Participant for the "Centre Acanthes 2005" in Metz and worked during that period with W. Rihm, P. Dusapin and A. Solbiati. His " Nyx " for orchestra, composed for this occasion, was performed on the final concert by the Orchestre National de Lorraine and conducted by Jacques Mercier.
His Concerto for Violoncello and Ensemble was premiered as part of the 1st Cello Biennale/Proms of Amsterdam, performed by Asko Ensemble, conducted by Stefan Ausbury and soloist Doris Hochscheid.
In July 2010 Dimitris was awarded the COMPASS Price (Centre for Composition and Associated Studies) for his work "Metamorphoses" for Ensemble.
In July 2012 Dimitris received the ITEA / Harvey Phillips Award for Excellence in Composition for his work "Anathema I" for Contrabass Tuba and Bayan.
From September 2004 he is teaching composition and composition related subjects in the Superior School of Music, Arts and Performance, part of the Polytechnic of Porto in Porto, Portugal where he occupied from September 2015 to September 2017 the position of the Director of the Music Department. He is currently the coordinator of the Composition Area.
In December 2013, Dimitris Andrikopoulos was awarded his PhD in Music Composition by the Univercity of Birmingham.

Do23.05.201912:00 - 15:00
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Dimitris Andrikopoulos
Dimitris Andrikopoulos


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