Jazz Workshops mit Jarmo Hoogendijk

Mo 05.11.201211:00 - Di 06.11.2012 15:00

Montag, 05.11.2012
11.00 bis 12.30 Uhr
Bräunerstrasse 5, BRA 4.09

Workshop 1: Essentials of Jazz Music and its Business (for all instruments)
Being a member of one of the most successful Jazz groups in Europe, the Jarmo Hoogendijk-Ben van den Dungen Quintet, Hoogendijk will share his insights into the the business aspect of Jazz as well as into the music itself. Topics are self-management, being a bandleader and/or sideman, establishing your own band, handling the press, as well as the aspects of live music, Jazz sessions, interaction and inspiration. There also will be a Q&A at the end of this workshop.

14.30 bis 16.00 Uhr
Bräunerstrasse 5, K.10

Workshop 2: Prepare for the Unexpected - A Spontaneous Ensemble Session (for all instruments)
As a musician who knows the practical side of Jazz from the inside out, Hoogendijk will share important tools for how to handle real life situations, like unprepared last minute situations, unlikely line-ups and situations and how to deal with them.

Dienstag, 06.11.2012
10.00 bis 12.00 Uhr

Bräunerstrasse 5, BRA 4.09

Workshop 3: Trumpet Masterclass 

Topics will be Jazz phrasing and articulation, basic Jazz language and exercises, and some of Hoogendijk's harmonic and melodic ideas and tools.

13.30 bis 15.00 Uhr
Bräunerstrasse 5, BRA 4.09

Workshop 4: A Listening Session - Jazz and Classical Music
(for all instruments, with open discussion)
Since almost every harmonic and melodic device in Jazz has been used earlier in classical music, Hoogendijk will give his account of the roots of Contemporary Jazz in Early Jazz and Classical Music.

Jarmo Hoogendijk, trumpet, * 1965 Den Helder (NL)

Jarmo Hoogendijk, son of a Dutch father and Finnish mother, was born in Den Helder, Netherlands. At the age of 6, after hearing a record of Louis Armstrong, he decided to become a jazz trumpeter. When he was 9, Jarmo received his first trumpet and soon started taking trumpet lessons in the local music school, and joined the local brass band, a brass quintet and a chamber orchestra. While in high school, he taught himself improvisation by playing along with jazz records every day until midnight. When trumpeter Ack van Rooyen accepted him as his student at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in 1983, Jarmo was already a self-supporting musician, but his goal was to become a full-time jazz soloist.

Entering the Royal Conservatory appeared to be a true steppingstone for Jarmo's career: Already in 1983 he was co-leading a group with fellow student Ben van den Dungen (saxophones), and after having received the NOS/Meervaart -Group Award in 1985, the Ben van den Dungen/Jarmo Hoogendijk Quintet performed in most major jazz events in Holland and Germany, as well as jazz festivals in many other countries.

In 1986 Hoogendijk was hired as a solo trumpeter by the Dutch Jazz Orchestra, the Netherlands Concert Jazz Band, and the Dutch Radio Big Band, the Skymasters, and he was also awarded with the Pall Mall Export Swing Award.

In 1987/88 Jarmo spent much time with trumpeter Woody Shaw, one of his influences, who intermittently lived in Holland in the years prior to his premature death in 1989. The two trumpeters often practiced together and frequently attended each other's concerts.

Soon after graduating cum laude in 1989, Hoogendijk accepted a position as a trumpet teacher at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and the Rotterdam Conservatory.

Among others he shared the bandstand with Jimmy Heath, J.J. Johnson, Freddie Hubbard, Teddy Edwards, Woody Shaw, Art Taylor, Frank Foster, Frank Morgan, Herb Geller, Junior Cook, Charles McPherson, Mal Waldron, Horace Tapscott, Jerome Richardson, Ron Matthews, Buddy de Franco, Cindy Blackman, Alvin Queen, Rufus Read, David Williams, Lewis Nash, David Liebman, Cecil Payne, and Evan Parker.

Mo05.11.201211:00 - Di 06.11.2012 15:00
Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität, Standort Bräunerstraße Bräunerstraße 5 1010 Wien

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Jarmo Hoogendijk
Jarmo Hoogendijk


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