Teaching, examination, practice and event organisation

Teaching and examination

Distance learning should generally take place where it is possible and useful; face-to-face teaching where the quality demands it and the spatial capacity is available. In principle, hybrid forms of teaching (mixed forms of distance and classroom teaching) are recommended for all courses. The decision on this is to be made by the course management, the head of the study programme and the dean. The teaching is to be designed in such a way that a changeover to distance learning is possible at any time.

As already mentioned, a room concept with fixed maximum numbers of persons (including teachers) has been developed for classroom teaching (see supplement or MUKonline -> Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien -> study information; login is required). For all courses, the room capacity must be checked in advance and, if necessary, suitable rooms must be found in consultation with the room managers. The maximum number of persons varies depending on the type of course (theory, artistic-practical lessons). Please also note the information on the safety distances provided on the room doors. The maximum number of persons is not to be exceeded at any time, the responsibility for this lies with the LV management.

If possible, distance learning should take place between 8:00 and 10:00 and 16:00 and 21:00 in order to limit travel times. Distance learning must also take place during MUK opening hours.

Group lessons in classroom form should be held in as small groups as possible, preferably for students who are about to graduate. Theoretical instruction in classroom or hybrid form is generally limited to a maximum of 11 persons (including teachers). The maximum number of participants can be controlled via the MUKonline group administration. If there are free places on the course (e.g. unexcused absence in the 1st teaching unit), students should be moved up from the waiting list. The binding conditions of participation must be communicated to the students in advance.

Students are to be informed in MUKonline about the form of the course (presence, hybrid, distance). For distance teaching units, the virtual classroom is to be entered in MUKonline (this also applies to the teaching units of hybrid courses). The virtual classroom can be found in MUKonline under the room code "JOHEGVR".

The course management has to keep a detailed attendance list for each classroom teaching event (see attached form). The forms are available at the porter loge. The attendance lists must be kept by the course management for at least 28 days. External students who are not enrolled in the programme are not permitted to take part in the courses either actively or passively, with the exception of the preparation and participation in committee examinations in consultation with the programme management.

Events of any kind (workshops, concerts, masterclasses, etc.) are subject to special regulations, which must be clarified in good time with the course management. Until at least the end of October 2020, all performances at the MUK will take place without an audience. Exams and internal events will also be held without visitors.

In principle, all course managers are responsible for adhering to the rules and are required to inform students of these rules. In addition, it is the responsibility of the course management to ask persons with symptoms of illness to leave the MUK immediately and to have their state of health medically clarified.

As before, the course management is responsible for the key to the classroom. The key must be collected from the porter, may not be passed on and must be returned to the porter immediately after the lesson.

For teachers who belong to a risk group, special safety measures apply. Persons concerned must contact the human resources management.

Commission examinations: The heads of the study programme still have the possibility to adjust the formal and content-related specifications of the commission examinations in compliance with the basic quality standards and the planned quality assurance, provided that this ensures compliance with the safety regulations.

Practice for students

The practice programme at MUK is primarily intended for students who have no other practice facilities or their own instruments. It is recommended that students make greater use of morning and evening practice facilities in order to avoid waiting times in the MUK buildings and thus keep contact times in public areas of the MUK short. The allocation of the practice rooms will take place as of 28 September 2020 without prior notification of the porters. If there are no practice rooms available, a stay in the general premises of the MUK is not desired.


In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, events are subject to special conditions and protective measures. Together with the MUK event management team, a protection concept is developed for each event, which guarantees that the necessary distance regulations are observed and that all participants are fully documented. As a rule, events of this semester will take place without an audience.



Additions to the COVID-19 safety concept of the MUK
(valid from 3 November 2020)

Detailed information on the COVID-19 safety concept of the MUK
(valid from 16 September 2020, MUK-Website)

COVID-19 safety concept of the MUK
(valid from 16 September 2020,
including behaviour in case of illness, in German only)

Rules of conduct at the MUK
(valid from 16 September 2020

For teachers:

Contact list for COVID-19-contact-tracing in courses (in German only)

Room concept for classroom teaching at the MUK
   (in German only, valid from 3 November 2020)


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