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Walter Jurmann Vocals and Performance Competition

under the patronage of Yvonne Jurmann

To preserve the musical heritage of Viennese composer Walter Jurmann (1903–1971) for the younger generations and to motivate engagement with this world-famous and yet very often unknown world musician, the biennial Walter Jurmann Vocals and Performance Competition was held for the first time in 2012.
The opportunity to learn new things while having the opportunity to win a scholarship is intended to support the development of the repertoire of Walter Jurmann’s music. A large amount of sheet music has been archived by the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna, making it accessible for students.

Registrations and Deadline for Entries:
Entries have to include Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number (preferably Mobile Number), Email-address, Programme (three Lieder) and Study Programme. Entries are valid in chronological order, the date and time of transmission of the e-mail will be decisive. Participants will be notified.

The competition takes place again in 2020.

Eligibility to Participate:
Students from the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna) within the faculties of vocals and opera, musical theatre, drama and diploma programmes for classical operetta, and similar, are eligible to take part.

Competition programme:
Entrants of the competition are expected to perform three Lieder, chansons or songs by Walter Jurmann, one of which should come from the English or French repertoire of the composer. A MUK-appointed répétiteur will provide musical accompaniment, alternatively participants can bring their own répétiteur. Rehearsal of the programme with the MUK-appointed répétiteur is possible.

A renowned jury made up of artists, teachers and cultural managers will evaluate the performance. The prize-winners will receive comments on their programme as part of the award ceremony.

1st Prize: € 1.500,– scholarship
2nd Prize: € 1.000,– scholarship  
3rd Prize: € 500,– scholarship


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