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General information


Registration for the competition is only open to students of the MUK. At least half the members of an ensemble must be students of the MUK. Soloists (only permitted in the Kreation category) and duets must be students of the MUK.

You cannot enter the competition with the same ensemble of people more than three times during the course of your studies. Previous winners can only compete again with a new programme.

You are permitted to register more than once – either with different programmes in both categories or in different ensembles in the same category. You are not permitted to substitute any of the participants named in the application during the course of the competition.

Competition rounds and juries

Both categories of the competition are split into three parts with mandatory participation in the registered ensembles: preliminary round, main round, prize winners presentation.

The juries of the first rounds (“preliminary rounds”) are made up of lecturers at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna and will decide whether to put performers through to the main competitions.

The juries of the second rounds (“main rounds”) are made up of artists, art educators and cultural managers. These juries decide on the prize winners.
The audience of the prize winners presentations each award a “public prize”.

Fidelio.Kreation prizes

 A total of 6 scholarships, each worth 1,500 EUR per ensemble or 800 EUR per soloist
 1 public prize of 1,500 EUR

Fidelio.Interpretation prizes

 6 scholarships, each worth 1,500 EUR per ensemble
 1 public prize of 1,500 EUR
 1 performance at the Pitten Classics festival under the artistic direction of Florian Eggner in July 2020
 1 ensemble coaching session from Krystian Nowakowski/NO-TE artists agency


The MUK consideres itself a progressive Music and Arts university, which creates cultural values in the fields of music, dance, drama and singing. The MUK is the only university in the ownership of the city of Vienna and unites the best international talents and prominent teachers.



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Closed on Saturday, Sundays and bank holidays