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Master of Arts Education (MAE)

Entrance exams for the start of studies in winter semester 2020/21

Application deadline: Fri., 08.01.2021

Programme for the entrance exam

Master's Programme

1st round: Evaluation of the application package by the committee

2nd round (Artistic self-presentation):
Tue., 19.01.2021, 09.00—15.00
> intermediate result

3rd round (Guided group test - Body / Rhythmics / Drama):
20.01.2021, 09.00—12.00
> intermediate result

4th round (Presentation of the group exercise / Interview):
21.01.2021, 15.00—19.00
> end result

The condition for admission onto the Master of Arts Education course is a completed Bachelor’s degree in the arts or art education or an equivalent qualification from a recognised Austrian or foreign post-secondary educational facility.
Course candidates with a degree that is not related to art or art education can put themselves on an equal footing with those who do by providing evidence of adequate professional experience.

The entrance examination is used to check the motivation to study, the artistic level and aptitude of the candidate to provide art education / training.

The entrance examination is split into five parts. You must pass the first part successfully to be admitted to the further parts of the exam.

1.  Online application:
The following documents must be attached to the application:
- Brief biography with qualifications, competences and emphasis.
- Motivation to study: Statement about the objectives and expectations relating to the MAE course. What fields of interest and focal points, in relation to the arts, education and the communication of art, already exist or are being strived for.
- Exam programme for the artistic self-presentation.

2. Artistic self-presentation:
In a 15-20 minute artistic self-presentation, applicants will demonstrate their artistic skills. The programme, compiled independently by the candidate, should provide as powerful an impression as possible of the artistic qualifications (unfortunately, the MUK cannot provide any coaching for the artistic self-presentation. Applicants are requested to organise a replacement for this independently.)

3. Guided group test:
In the part of the exam that is guided by lecturers, group processes will be initiated. These will focus mainly on communicative potentials as well as examining the candidate’s ability to work in a team and other soft skills.

4. Viva:
The committee will check the individual, artistic, educational and communicative potentials and aptitude of candidates for the course.

5. Independent exercise in small groups:
More information about this will be given at the start of the entrance examination.

Information required for all applicants

Schedule might be possibly altered even in the short term! Regarding that please look up this section of the website regularly. Thank you.

Applications for studying at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna can be submitted online at anytime; they will be reserved for the next admission period. Applications submitted after the application deadline can no longer be considered for the subsequent audition date.


The MUK consideres itself a progressive Music and Arts university, which creates cultural values in the fields of music, dance, drama and singing. The MUK is the only university in the ownership of the city of Vienna and unites the best international talents and prominent teachers.



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