Tuition fees

Thanks to the support of the city of Vienna, studying at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna is affordable for every young person: even though the costs for a university place are about 19.000 Euro a year, the students are only charged a very little contribution.

The tuition fees undermatch considerably below comparable national and international institutes. Moreover, there are different possibilites to finance one's studies via scholarships. For further informationen on these potential scholarships please visist

Tuition fees

(per semester) 

Degree programme students (BA/MA)

Degree programme students

EUR 300.00

Degree programme students from the following countries:
Andorra, Australia, Japan, Canada, Monaco,
New Zealand, Russia, San Marino, South Africa,
South Korea, Ukraine, Vatican, USA and stateless
persons as well as students whose nationality is not confirmed

EUR 1,000.00

Non-degree programme students

Academic diploma programme (Certificate of Performance)

EUR 2,750.00

Accredited training courses

EUR 1,300.00

Enrolment in individual subjects

EUR 1,300.00

Preparation courses

EUR 440.00

Exam fee

EUR 50.00

Students union fee

EUR 19.20

Furter information is granted by the cash desk of the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna.
1010 Wien, Johannesgasse 4a, Zimmer 3.18
Tel. +43 1 512 77 47-255 - kassa(at)

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