The diversity of music and theatre

Courses offered at Konservatorium Wien University

Konservatorium Wien University's goal is to further the arts through the integration of research and teaching, and nurture tomorrow's highly qualified artists in the field of music as well as of theatre. Its strength lies in its openness to innovation, its interdisciplinary approach and its concern for individual potential.

The University offers Bachelor and Master degree programmes both in music and in the dramatic arts: traditional majors in composition, conducting, voice, string, wind, percussion and keyboard instruments are joined by majors in jazz, early music, musical theatre, drama and dance. To supplement the performing arts, majors in elementary music education and modern dance pedagogy are also offered.

Konservatorium Wien University takes full advantage of its location in Vienna, world-renowned for its long-standing rich tradition of culture. It maintains an increasing number of inter-institutional relationships and cooperation programmes with leading academies in cultural capitals around the world, and gives its students opportunities to perform in hundreds of public events each year.