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Fidelio.Interpretation category

Competition programme

A programme with representative pieces of chamber music of your choice, consisting of at least two pieces or movements from at least two pieces, must be performed.

Solo performances are not permitted. The minimum ensemble size is a duet.

The artistic interpretation and related concept will be evaluated. The concept, on at least half an A4 side, must include the title, programme choice and programme introduction and highlight the connection of the selected pieces to the title.
Programme length:
Instrumental ensemble: 15—19 minutes
Lied song or vocal ensemble: 12—15 minutes

One piece or movement must be performed in the preliminary round. The jury reserves the right to ask for additional pieces or movements or even the entire programme to be performed in the preliminary round.
The entire programme must be then be performed in the main round.

Registration for the Fidelio.Interpretation category

Registration deadline: Mon 5 November 2018, 11:59 PM

The time that the email arrives is deemed decisive. We cannot make exceptions for any delays caused by technical issues.

Registration is solely by email to fidelio.interpretation@muk.ac.at. The email must contain the following information in a Word file:

Competition category: Fidelio.Interpretation

Personal details
          First name and surname
          Study programme
          Mobile number

All ensemble members
          First name and surname
          Study programme

Concept (at least half an A4 side) in German or English
          Programme title
          Choice of programme
          Programme introduction

Choice of programme with the following details
          Composers or authors with biographical information
          Exact title with opus number(s)
          Movement title(s), tempo marking(s)
          Exact length of the individual pieces or movements

Please check your grammar and spelling! Your documents will be presented to the juries in the form that you submit them!

Written consent from a parent or legal guardian must be provided for underage participants.


Registration deadline: Mon 5 November 2018

The time that the email arrives is deemed decisive. It is not possible to make subsequent changes to your programme.

Rehearsals in the MUK.podium
Thu 29 November 2018
Fri 30 November 2018

Preliminary round in the MUK.podium
Mon 3 December 2018

Main round in the MUK.podium
Wed 5 December 2018

Prize winners presentation at the RadioKulturhaus
Tue 12 December 2018, 7:30 PM

The order of rehearsals and competition performances will be arranged by the competition management.


 6 scholarships, each worth 1,500 EUR per ensemble
 In addition to the scholarships, the following prizes are awarded:
    1 public prize of 1,500 EUR
    1 performance at the “Long Night of Music Universities” on 22 March 2019 in Linz
    1 performance at the Pitten Classics festival under the artistic direction of Florian Eggner in July 2019
    1 ensemble coaching session from Krystian Nowakowski/NO-TE artists agency


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