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IWF - Mission Statement

The Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna (MUK) provides an in international comparison excellent range of study programmes for 850 students with an overall amount of 300 professors, lecturers and administrative staff. The educational spectrum includes music, musical theatre, dance, singing, drama and art education as well as scientifically based inter- and transciplinary subjects. The latter is granted by the Institute for Science and Research (IWF), which was newly founded in 2014.

Mission Statement of the Institute of Arts and Research (IWF)

The Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna provides by the international standards an excellent opportunity for 850 students with a total of 300 professors, lecturers and administration staff. The spectrum of courses offered at the university expands from Music, Musical Theatre, Dance, Voice and Acting to arts education and a substantial academic interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary curriculum. The latter is warranted by the formation of the Institute of Arts and Research (Institut für Wissenschaft und Forschung – IWF) at the University in September 2014.

Exploring the arts is fulfilled at Institute of Arts and Research as an intellectual confrontation with practices of conception and reception, as an analysis of production, performance and reception records, but also from the tangible and intangible contexts and places where art is generated. Arts as a media of imagination and as a media of socialization should be extensively explored in this way. The concept of art is in this case designed as differentiated, on the one hand in the narrow, immanent sense, and on the other hand, in a broader one, that is, as a practice that operates in the field of action of social requirements and features of the cultural and social policy, economic development and urban planning. The Institute's research projects will therefore always be developed in cooperation not only with relevant national and international institutions of science and arts, but also from the fields of politics and economics.

For that reasons the Institute of Arts and Research is embedded in the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna and the close ties with the artistic practice as a decisive impulse for the development of innovative scientific approaches going beyond conventional interdisciplinarity and in expanding the traditional idea of university knowledge constitution and means. An intellectual culture of open dialectic confrontation should take the place of a culture of visibility, the self-sufficiency and fashionable terms. The entanglement of science and arts, not reduced to the function of mutual auxiliary sciences, is the focus of interest and thereby provides the integration of exploratory skills and the practice of methodological pluralism. The exploratory artistic practices in science and the application of scientific approaches in art productions and practice should therefore exist as the substantive components of the university discourse.

As an integral part within the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna, the Institute of Arts and Research has dedicated special attention to Vienna's position in history, present and future. Both by means of established research priorities and the research-led teaching allows (grants) the Institute to establish a profound insight into sociopolitical and cultural history of the city.

Contact Information

General Contact Information

Johannesgasse 4a
1010 Vienna
1st floor | Room 1.T
Email: iwf@muk.ac.at

Head of institute


Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in Susana Zapke
Johannesgasse 4a
1010 Vienna
3rd Stock | Room 3.16
Phone: +43 1 512 77 47-111
Email: s.zapke@muk.ac.at

Guidelines of Scientific Integrity

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The MUK consideres itself a progressive Music and Arts university, which creates cultural values in the fields of music, dance, drama and singing. The MUK is the only university in the ownership of the city of Vienna and unites the best international talents and prominent teachers.



Johannesgasse 4a
1010 Vienna


+43 1 512 77 47


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