Embarking on new partnerships

Konservatorium Wien University is not only a center of artistic appreciation and training - it is also a vibrant part of the local, national and international cultural scene. Because of this, it is constantly forming partnerships with other places of learning, cultural enterprises, institutions and initiatives throughout the world.

Important partners include the many universities, academies and conservatories worldwide with which close personal contact already exists. Starting with the 2005/06 academic year, Konservatorium Wien University will be increasing its involvement in international academic programmes, improving the mobility of students and educators and facilitating the exchange of information.

At the same time, the institution frequently stages events in cooperation with important cultural institutions. This assures students of up-to-date and practically oriented training, while also helping young talented performers to realize their initial career breaks before culturally aware audiences.

Finally, common interests and social involvement facilitate cooperation with enterprises and initiatives from the fields of business and charity. These include both the involvement of sponsors in Konservatorium Wien University projects and student participation in activities and programmes of artistic and social relevance.

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